READ 718 empowers children from low-income families to read confidently

Read 718 Brooklyn

About READ 718 Read 718 is a Brooklyn-based nonprofit dedicated to helping all children become strong, confident readers. Good Karma: Education Mission READ 718 Their aim is to narrow the literacy gap in Brooklyn and to contribute to the equitable provision of educational opportunities for all Brooklyn children. Thus, their ultimate goal is to have … Read more

Collierville Nonprofits and Charities

Nonprofits in Collierville

Best Nonprofit organizations and Charities in Collierville, Tennessee 1. Alagille Sydrome Alliance The ALGSA is the major resource for individuals living with Alagille Syndrome, their families, and friends, who form a close-knit community that provides mutual support, shares information, and connects them to resources to help them. They run a Podcast series called ALGS Academy to educate people about Alagille Syndrome and create awareness about the rare disease. Causes: Create awareness and support for people with Alagille Syndrome. Localities served – Worldwide … Read more