Community Software Platforms Ecosystem

Research on Community Platform Ecosystem

I’ve been inspired by the support of a few people who have visited on a regular basis and have encouraged me to continue working.

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What is Community platforms ecosystem?

At first glance, it appears that the software products and solutions classified as community software platforms are only those that serve as forum software or platforms that resemble the standard social media structure.

But the reality is that we could include several other software categories in the community software ecosystem. This includes live chat software, membership platforms, event management software, virtual event platforms, analytics for communities, CRM for communities, etc.

Community Software Platforms Landscape

1.Community Software Platform – Typical Community Software

2.Event Management Software.

3. Live Chat Software.

4. Membership Management Software.

5.Webinar Software.

6.CRM for Online Community.

7.Video Platforms

8. Online Course Creation Platforms.

I believe more niche SaaS products will be created in the community platform ecosystem in the years to come. To an extent, any software product be it SaaS or Enterprise which triggers user engagement and socializing features could fall under community software ecosystem.

Watch this space as the content evolves.

Venkatraman Chandrasekaran