Organize all of your online community’s events in Events

Run all your online community events on A few months ago, Circle Community Software Platform released a beta version of their events feature. Circle’s co-founder and CEO, Sid Yadav, published the following in their customer newsletter today. The new Events feature has been released from beta and is now available to all Circle communities. … Read more has announced integration with Amplitude Analytics to track metrics for your community integration Amplitude Analytics

Toronto, 5 NOVEMBER 2021 Integration with Amplitude: Amplitude is a powerful analytics platform that lets you track up to 10 million user actions every month for free! The integration between Tribe and Amplitude is simple and allows you to track key metrics for your online community. You may use the data in this app … Read more Review review Review, Pricing, and Features of this lovely community software platform What is Tribe is one of my favorite SaaS-based online community software platforms, and I highly recommend it. The Toronto-based SaaS startup has built an amazing set of social engagement tools to run a successful online community. If you signup with through … Read more Review: Why should you try this community software platform? review review: The best community management software platform Why do I recommend to create your online community?  Online communities are thriving, but you should choose a community platform that empowers you with all the features you need to create a successful community. If you wish to launch your own online community, I request you to … Read more

SQLServerCentral: The best SQL Server education and community site

SQL Server Central

Top Tech Community: SQLServerCentral promoting SQL education This is one of the most active tech communities. I will include more information about the SQL Server Central community if someone contributes. About SQLServerCentral SQLServerCentral was created in March 2001 by a group of six DBAs who were all enthusiastic in blogging about their work and assisting … Read more

Design Community

Designer News Community About Designer News A broad, global community of people engaged in design and technology, as well as those who are just interested in the design subjects, constitutes Designer News. Our definition of “designer-friendly material” is extremely broad, and we defer to the community’s judgement by allowing them to vote on individual pieces. Designer … Read more

The best community for calligraphy, lettering artists and typography lovers

Typography community

Research on the best online communities for Calligraphy and typography lovers 1.Calligraphy art Calligraphy Art is a Calligraphy community on Facebook Groups. The community has more than 47,000 active members. 2. Logo Design Community This may not be directly related to lettering artists and professionals but the logo design community on Facebook groups is one … Read more