What is online community software?

What is online community software platform?

An online community software platform is a SaaS product or enterprise software solution that can be used to build an online space where your members and customers can share their ideas, opinions, and basically interact with each other.

An online community platform can be used to unite or gather people of similar interests in an online space. 

For example, people who are interested in UX design or graphic design will be a part of the design community. Those who are interested in automobiles will be a part of the automobile community.

What is online community management system?

To put it simply, online community management system is a platform that encourages students or professionals with similar interests to engage with one another and share their ideas for the advancement of their field of interest through discussion and collaboration.

How can companies use community management software tools?

Corporates and brands can leverage online community software to build consumer communities for their products and services. These days, it is not enough if you do marketing for your products. You should engage your customers and let them share their feelings and emotions, or even grievances, associated with the product in a common space. 

Companies can thus easily solve customer problems in their own branded online community space and ensure that customers are eventually satisfied with the products or services being offered.

What tools are used to build online communities?

Chat rooms, newsletters, and forum software are all common tools used to build online communities. These days, the popular SaaS products offer platforms that are similar to the famous social networking platforms. So, community software products are evolving, and you can use any of these affordable SaaS products or expensive enterprise community software solutions to build your online community.

Why is paid community software used instead of using free tools?

A paid community software platform like Circle, Tribe, or others is used, especially since they help you own your online community data and content. You can also download the list of members of your community and move on to a new platform if you’d like to switch to a new community software.

Example: At any point in time, Facebook or any other social media platform might shut down your online community if their terms and conditions are not met. But when you run your community on a paid platform, you own the data and all the user-generated content is only going to benefit you, generating profits for your business.

Can we build successful online communities on Facebook groups itself?

Yes. There are countless successful online communities that are thriving on the Facebook groups platform. Simply said, you must determine if you want to run a branded online community or whether you want to run it for free on Facebook.


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