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What is Web Monetization?

A website’s monetization strategy is the process of converting existing traffic that has been directed to a particular website into revenue. In recent days, Web Monetization has evolved and some websites are able to contribute to the content creators using technology.

It is a standard that enables content creators to receive payment for the content they share on the internet in an alternative way to traditional advertising methods. It is possible for users to make micropayments to a website when they visit a monetized web page through their browser (if their browser supports Web Monetization).

Learn more about Web Monetization in this post by Peter Kim Frank – DEV is now Web Monetized.

Web Monetization Community

Web Monetization Community

The Web Monetization Community, which is proudly powered by Forem, the open-source platform that also powers the DEV and other communities, extends a warm invitation to those who are interested in learning more about web monetization.

Website – Community.Webmonetization.Org

You should also learn about Grants for the Web initiative.

Grant for the web for innovation in Web Monetization

Grant for the Web will help to create a more secure internet based on open standards, allowing people to have greater independence and control over how they distribute and monetize content, as well as better business models for the internet as a whole.


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