has announced integration with Amplitude Analytics to track metrics for your community

Toronto, 5 NOVEMBER 2021

BetterMode Integration with Amplitude:

Amplitude is a powerful analytics platform that lets you track up to 10 million user actions every month for free! The integration between Tribe and Amplitude is simple and allows you to track key metrics for your online community.

You may use the data in this app to build different member groups, assess the conversion funnel, and track user retention. begins transmitting user activity and user characteristics to the Amplitude account as the integration is set up, allowing you to create a sophisticated report by analyzing the data.

Tribe & Amplitude Integration’s most common use-cases include:

Analyze the number of active users (e.g., Daily Active Users).

Measure the loyalty and retention of your community members.

Produce content generating reports (e.g., posts and replies).

Create activation funnels based on the actions of your members.

Learn how members progress through the many stages of the lifespan within your online community.

Do all Bettermode customers have access to Amplitude integration?

Customers on the Premium and Enterprise plans of Tribe have access to the Amplitude App integration. To set up the integration between Amplitude analytics and the Tribe community platform, you’ll also need to generate the Amplitude API key.

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