Building a Community for SaaS Startups and Founders

I have been passionate about Software as a Service Startups for the past few years. I used to keep track of SaaS Products and was fascinated by how it is possible to build a huge customer base just with 2 to 5 member team. Most SaaS Startups has become a reality just with the effort of one key founder or co-founder who has believed in his product idea.

After several years of simply tracking funding news from SaaS companies, I also worked in a SaaS Startup. Eventually, I had to leave the company.

I always wanted to create a community for SaaS Founders and professionals.

Hence, I created ChandraSaaS.

To be honest, I don’t have many members or participants in the community but I still love building a community through a good Community software like Tribe especially because it helps me post information quickly.

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Circle also has a feature where it automatically sends newsletter to all the participants with the trending posts in various spaces.

I still have to go a long way in building my community for SaaS Products but I am satisfied for choosing Circle Community Software.

I will be happy to guide you on creating a Community in your field of choice or for your online course, Startup or Nonprofit.

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