NodeBB Review, Feature and Pricing

NodeBB reviews: Research on Nodebb Community Forum Platform feature and pricing.

About NodeBB

NodeBB is the next-generation forum software — it is powerful, mobile-ready, and simple to use. It is a good community forum platform worth considering.

NodeBB Features

1.NodeBB is a forum software that can be customized and is available as open source.

2.The forum software is responsive and works well on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

3.Customization options for NodeBB include the ability to change the colors, icons, layout, and other branding components.

4.Additionally, for all of their enterprise customers who require bespoke forum software, they provide an in-house design service.

5.Topics and replies can be posted quickly and easily using the WYSIWYG editor. In addition, the forum software includes a Markdown editor for creating topics.

6.Using the real-time chat tool, you can communicate privately.

7.The ability to receive real-time notifications encourages your forum users to engage with other community members. Your members will receive immediate updates whenever someone follows them or likes their content on your site.

8.The ability to create read-only categories or to choose to fully hide a category from view is available.

9.You can also assign user roles to members of your community, such as designating someone as a moderator.

10.NodeBB’s administration system also allows you to create an unlimited number of admin and moderator accounts, which is quite convenient.

11.The real-time analytics feature of NodeBB allows you to keep track of what’s going on in your online community.

12.In addition, you can choose from over 500 different useful plugins and themes for your forum to enhance its functionality.

NodeBB Pricing



suitable for small startups and businesses. It can handle up to 2 million monthly page views.



For growing startups and businesses. It offers up to 10 million monthly page views.


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Suitable for large organizations that require custom online community solutions.

NodeBB Customers

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NodeBB Alternatives and Competitors

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