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New York, October 17th 2021 has released a member directory in their community software platform.

Benefits of member directory feature

Using the member directory, Admin and members will have a much simpler way discovering who else is in their community and connecting with others who have similar interests to their own.

The following are some examples of how to make use of the member directory.

1.Use the location filter to find people in your city or in close proximity to you.

2.Use a keyword search to find members who have a specific role or interest in their headline or bio, and then contact them.

3.Remain in touch with other members in a given space(Forum category) .

Additional functionality will be added to the member directory module, including:

The Circle product team is already hard at work on upgrading the directory with the  following features:

1.Searching the directory for members based on their tag (eg: Founding Members)

2.You can create custom profile fields that will allow you to collect information that is important to your particular community.

Third, you have the option to choose which fields from your members’ profiles are displayed in the directory.

4.Filtering and sorting the directory prior to use (eg: show most active people first)

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