Japan’s Non-Profit Organizations (NPO)

Directory of Non-Profit Organizations in Japan

1.Hands on Tokyo

Hands on Tokya, NPO in Japan
Volunteers working for Hands on Tokyo, Japan

With a working Board of Directors made up of both Japanese and international citizens, Hands On Tokyo was established in December 2006. It’s mission was make volunteering more accessible to people in the Tokyo region and to accelerate the expansion of volunteers in the greater Tokyo area.

They help children with special needs, elderly citizens and other social organizations. Currently they are also seeking volunteers to help on COVID-19 Project.

Video about Hands on Tokyo – One of the famous Nonprofits in Japan

Handson Tokyo Address

NPO Hands On Tokyo

Gardenia Roppongi #101, 5-16-46 Roppongi, Minato-ku,

Tokyo 106-0032

TEL: (03) 3583-2135

2. Run for the Cure Foundation in Japan

Run for the Cure, Japan

The Run for the Cure Foundation (RFTC) is a one-of-a-kind non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness  about breast cancer and effecting social change at the personal level throughout Japan.

They host a number of fundraising events, such as the Pink Ball, Casino Night, Cuisine for the Cure, and the Run for the Cure Walk for Life, among others. It is possible to engage as a volunteer in their activities at  any time of the year, or you can make a donation through their official website.


RFTC Japan Office
Izumi Osaki Building 6F,
Osaki 3-6-28, Shinagawa-ku,
Tokyo 141-0032 Japan

3. Second Harvest Japan

Second Harvest, Nonprofit organization in Japan

Second Harvest Japan is a registered non-profit organization with the Japanese government. They have provided a nationwide food bank since the year of their incorporation in March 2002 and have been working to improve food security.

Second Harvest Japan is working to establish a Food Safety Net in the country. In order to do this, we provide meals to a variety of humanitarian groups and persons in need, including children’s homes, single-mother shelters, centres for the disabled, and many more. 

As part of its efforts to ensure that individuals who lack food security receive sufficient  quantities of food,  2HJ works with food producers and other businesses, with the goal of using food to forge new relationships between enterprises and the community.

Volunteers are needed for Second Harvest, Japan, and can devote their time. You may also support this well-known Japanese non-profit by donating money or food to them.


Second Harvest Japan
1F Mizuta Building, Asakusabashi, Taito-ku,
Tokyo 111-0053
TEL: 03-5822-5371

4. Shine On! Kids

Shine On! Kids provides innovative, evidence-based psycho-social support programmes to children in Japan  who are suffering from cancer and other serious diseases.

Additionally, the Japan based nonprofit also provides assistance to the numerous family members who are responsible for caring for these children both within and outside of the hospital. Medical personnel who care for critically ill children also needs stress management support which the organization provides.

Their current programmes includes the following

1.Hospital Facility Dog Program
2.Beads of Courage
3.Camp Courage for Survivors
4.Shine On!Connections

Shine On Kids Video


Shine On! Kids
Wakamatsu Building 7F
3-3-6 Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku
Tokyo 103-0023 Japan
Tel. +81-3-6202-7262

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