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A hand picked list of really good community management software platforms. Email me for community software consulting.

Best Community Software Platforms

1.Discord –

Discord is a social platform for VoIP and instant messaging. Users can communicate via voice calls, video calls, text messages, media files, and private chats as well as through online groups known as “servers.” An assortment of voice and chat channels that are accessible through invite links make up a server.

Discord Founders

Stan Vishnevskiy and Jason Citron

Why Discord?

Discord Features

Discord Voice and Video Chat.

Discord Text Chat.

You can go live, share your screen.

Key Data

150 Million Monthly active users

19 Million Active servers per week

4 Billion Server conversation minutes daily

2.Discourse –

Discourse is a discussion platform that is completely open source and designed for the Internet of the future. Utilize it as a mailing list, message board, lengthy chat room, and more!

Discourse Founders

Jeff Atwood.

Robin Ward.

Sam Saffron.

Why Discourse?

Discourse Features

Simple Flat Forum.

Dynamic notifications.

Community moderation, Single Sign-on.

Key Data

Fully Open Source.

Unlimited conversation history.

No lock-in, no hidden fees, no data sent to advertisers.


Slack is your digital headquarters, serving as a hub for communication among your staff, systems, partners, and clients. Slack is used by millions of individuals worldwide to connect their teams, synchronise their systems, and advance their businesses, from Fortune 100 firms to niche marketplaces.

Slack Founders

Stewart Butterfield, CEO and Co-founder

Cal Henderson Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Why Slack?

Slack Features

Voice and video call.

Apps and integrations for streamlining work.

Easy to take notes and set reminders.

Key Data

85% of users say that Slack has improved communication*

88%feel more connected to their teams*

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