Coach Marketing

Promote your coaching business through a featured interview.

This is Venkat. I created as a part of the ChandraSaaS Network to guide life coaches, business coaches, and professionals in the creator economy to find the right software solution to create an online community.

I also love speaking to coaches about their experiences.

Coach Marketing

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Try to answer the following questions. Skip or tweak questions based on your specific coaching business.

1.Tell us about yourself.

2.How did you become a coach and what previous experiences helped you get into the coaching business?

3.What services do you offer and how do you basically help your clients?

4.What are the social channels you use to promote yourself and your coaching business?

5. Tell us about the place you live and your mission in life.

6.Who should reach you for consulting and how can they reach you?

Please send your answers along with a couple of good resolution photographs of yourself or your team.

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