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I have been using Circle Community Software for the past few months and am honestly impressed with its features. As a result, I began recommending this SaaS Community platform to my friends and anyone else who wanted to build a community. Learn more about this SaaS product in the review I wrote.

If you are looking for a good platform to build your community, click on the below link to signup.

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Creating a community for your online courses powered by Teachable offers seamless integration with online course creation software Teachable. So, if you are an online course creator or a coach, certainly, Circle is one of the best community software to consider reviewing. Examples

Directory of websites powered by Community Software

I will regularly update this blog since I wanted it to be a directory of communities created using community software.


This is Venkat. Founder of CommunitySoftware

I used to create my SaaS community. I utilize it in particular because I wanted to highlight SaaS Products and SaaS Startups funding news quickly.  Hopefully, I will be able to effectively run the community forever.

2. Woolauncher – WordPress WooCommerce Community

Wordpress WooCommerce Community

About Woolauncher community

Engineers, designers, and marketers, we are passionate about WooCommerce products and the people who develop them. We are always sharing and finding the latest in the WooCommerce and WordPress domains.

You may ask questions and exchange tips and ideas with individuals from all over the world who work in a variety of different sectors on this forum.

They have used Circle community software and honestly done a great job with it.

Founder-Francisco Opazo

3. Makerpad – NoCode Community

Makerpad is the world’s largest community of individuals who create automations and software without having to write any code. Ask questions, get assistance, and make your Nocode software available to others.

They have a job board for nocode developers and also a Build Club section. The Makerpad community helps you learn and discuss tools like Airtable, Bubble, Glide, Webflow, Zapier, Coda, Adalo, Palabra, ObviouslyAI, and more.

4. Draftbit – Customer Community

Draftbit Customer Community for Nocode builder

Draftbit is a Pro-code and No-Code mobile app builder. They have built a community for their users and prospects using Circle. They have built their customer community with interesting tutorials, code snippets, and even sections dedicated to providing support.

5. DutchTechSF – A community to empower Dutch startups in Silicon Valley

Community helping Dutch Startups in Silicon Valley

200+ founders and startup enthusiasts from the Netherlands and Silicon Valley came together to establish this supportive community. DutchTechSF has also built a library of short-form audio advice and insights from best-in-class professionals, which is organized into relevant topics and accompanied by relevant material.

They have resource materials on developing pitch decks, fundraising and negotiating term sheets, legally forming a company, VC relationships, becoming a better CEO and more.

6. Deepnote

Deepnote Data science community

Deepnote is a collaborative data science notebook that allows teams to explore, analyze, and display data from beginning to end. They have used Circle Community Software to build their product community where Deepnote users can mingle and showcase their work. examples – Communities powered by Circle Community Software

I have previously made a blog post about websites using community software. I wanted to make a post which is quick and easy for people who are planning to buy Circle.So have a look at other websites and communities running this SaaS community software.

7. MWG Courses

Matt Warnock Guitar has used community software for his online course where he teaches music.

Online Guitar course community using

This is a Modern Studio for Jazz Guitarists, designed to meet their needs. MWG provides you with the pleasure of a private lesson without the high cost of a private class.

8. Founder Culture

Founder Culture is a trustworthy network that distributes knowledge in a genuine and vulnerable manner in order to reduce the friction associated with the establishing and development of venture-backed companies.

Founder Culture - Startup community

Only one out of every 200 startups makes it to $1 billion in revenue. Founder Culture increases the likelihood of Founders starting, building, and scaling world-changing businesses.

9. Zero Dose Community of Practice

If you are searching for a good example of how community management software can be used for a nonprofit organization, Zero Dose is the right community to review.

Immunization is a global success case in terms of health and development, saving millions of lives each year. Vaccines are currently available to protect against more than 20 life-threatening diseases. 

They use community software to establish an online community to promote the ambitious goals of the Immunization Agenda 2030. They’ve also worked  extensively with the API to display images of their closed community members on their landing  page.

10. Fresh Exchange-Gardening Community

Fresh Exchange is another beautiful example of running a closed community powered by software. They have an impressive landing page where screenshots of what the community looks like are showcased along with the benefits of joining the community.

Fresh Exchange - Gardening community

They also mentioned that it’s not a Facebook group and their community is running on their own exclusive platform where there’s no advertising or tracking. Fresh exchange community has members talking about gardening, beekeeping, eco-living, organic food, herbs, and other events.

11. Founderled-SaaS Community

I believe this SaaS community is run by Nathan Latka if I am not wrong. From the screenshots displayed, I understood that, it’s run on (Correct me).

A community of SaaS founders who enjoy playing Catan, reading Zero to Sold, and caring about developing their businesses without relying on venture capital funding.

12. The Rappahannock River Company

The Rappahannock River Company is a Mid-Atlantic real estate community for people who are passionate about real estate. This real estate community, which has been developed by Byron V. Hughey, appears to be rather intriguing.

Real estate community using platform

It’s fascinating to see how the community platform is being used to create niche communities.

13. Modern Fertility Community – Healthcare Startup using

Modern Fertility is a reproductive health organization that aims to make tailored fertility information more readily available. The company has raised $22 million and hence it’s a good example of how a funded Startup uses

I got the following information from a webinar run by, to help you understand, it is possible to migrate your community running on slack to

Slack to Migration process used by Modern Fertility team. Image used with courtesy.

Five Pillars of successful migration project: Slack to

Reina Pomeroy, Head of Community at Modern Fertility, points out the 5 pillars of seamless migration.

  1. Product Partnership
  2. Design
  3. Marketing
  4. Members and
  5. Launch week.

14. Everything Marketplaces: Successful paid community using

Everything Marketplaces was founded by Mike Williams (Yoroomie) and has grown to become one of the most popular communities for marketplace founders and teams.

The community offers marketplace tutorials, guides, a marketplace directory, a toolkit, funding ideas for marketplaces, workshops, marketplace jobs, and more.

Marketplace Community

This community is the best example of how to launch a successful paid community in which the community creator charges a monthly fee from members, thus enabling the community founder to earn a substantial income. As I said, running a paid community requires lots of hard work in terms of content, as it should offer real value for community members. Integrations

Circle has a powerful API and community engine. integrates with several other apps and SaaS products to help creators run their community. A few examples of apps could be integrated with are Memberstack, Zapier, Memberful, Autho0, Shopify, Typeform, Outseta.

Build online course community for your students

If you have made your online courses on SaaS platforms like Teachable, you can create a community for your students using Similarly, nocode founders can use Circle to integrate Bubble and add community features to their product.

Why Community Platform?

The Circle Community platform is one of the best software tools for creating and managing your own online community. If you are running your community on any other community platforms or Facebook group, please consider trying to understand if it works for your business.


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