SQLServerCentral: The best SQL Server education and community site

SQL Server Central

Top Tech Community: SQLServerCentral promoting SQL education This is one of the most active tech communities. I will include more information about the SQL Server Central community if someone contributes. About SQLServerCentral SQLServerCentral was created in March 2001 by a group of six DBAs who were all enthusiastic in blogging about their work and assisting … Read more


Design Community

Designer News Community About Designer News A broad, global community of people engaged in design and technology, as well as those who are just interested in the design subjects, constitutes Designer News. Our definition of “designer-friendly material” is extremely broad, and we defer to the community’s judgement by allowing them to vote on individual pieces. Designer … Read more

The best community for calligraphy, lettering artists and typography lovers

Typography community

Research on the best online communities for Calligraphy and typography lovers 1.Calligraphy art Calligraphy Art is a Calligraphy community on Facebook Groups. The community has more than 47,000 active members. 2. Logo Design Community This may not be directly related to lettering artists and professionals but the logo design community on Facebook groups is one … Read more

Laravel Developer communities at their best

Laravel Communities

Research on the best online communities for Laravel developers 1.Larachat Larachat.co is one of the most prominent online communities for Laravel developers.  They have more than 33,000 members in over 100 countries. They have set themselves the goal of creating one of the largest PHP virtual user groups in the world. Jobs, Laravel events, articles, … Read more

READ 718 empowers children from low-income families to read confidently

Read 718 Brooklyn

About READ 718 Read 718 is a Brooklyn-based nonprofit dedicated to helping all children become strong, confident readers. Good Karma: Education Mission READ 718 Their aim is to narrow the literacy gap in Brooklyn and to contribute to the equitable provision of educational opportunities for all Brooklyn children. Thus, their ultimate goal is to have … Read more

Docker community on Slack: One of the largest developer communities

Docker Community

Exploring the Docker community on Slack and why it could be one of the largest developer communities? What is Docker? Docker is an open source platform for building, delivering, and operating software applications. It is possible to isolate your apps from your infrastructure with Docker, allowing you to deploy software more quickly. The use of … Read more

Circle.so Community Software is used to build some of the best communities

Circle Community Software

Communities built using Circle.so Community Software About Circle Community Software I have been using Circle Community Software for the past few months and am honestly impressed with its features. As a result, I began recommending this SaaS Community platform to my friends and anyone else who wanted to build a community. Learn more about this … Read more

Web Monetization Community

Web Monetization Community

What is Web Monetization? A website’s monetization strategy is the process of converting existing traffic that has been directed to a particular website into revenue. In recent days, Web Monetization has evolved and some websites are able to contribute to the content creators using technology. It is a standard that enables content creators to receive … Read more

Collierville Nonprofits and Charities

Nonprofits in Collierville

Best Nonprofit organizations and Charities in Collierville, Tennessee 1. Alagille Sydrome Alliance The ALGSA is the major resource for individuals living with Alagille Syndrome, their families, and friends, who form a close-knit community that provides mutual support, shares information, and connects them to resources to help them. They run a Podcast series called ALGS Academy to educate people about Alagille Syndrome and create awareness about the rare disease. Causes: Create awareness and support for people with Alagille Syndrome. Localities served – Worldwide … Read more

Japan’s Non-Profit Organizations (NPO)

Nonprofits in Japan

Directory of Non-Profit Organizations in Japan 1.Hands on Tokyo With a working Board of Directors made up of both Japanese and international citizens, Hands On Tokyo was established in December 2006. It’s mission was make volunteering more accessible to people in the Tokyo region and to accelerate the expansion of volunteers in the greater Tokyo area. They help children with special needs, elderly citizens and other social organizations. Currently they are also seeking volunteers to help on COVID-19 Project. Video about Hands on … Read more